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Floor Cloths

Floor cloths are a heavy cloth or canvas oiled and painted for use on the floor. They came to being in England but did not see common usage among the middle class until the 18th century.

Early American homes, began to see floor cloths among the merchant class in the late 18th century. They were used both in tents and homes and often times mimicked parquet or marble floors.

The designs we use in our floor cloths are often taken from historical records.

The Virginia Floor Cloth Company sells handmade floor cloths. We have many designs in stock. Or we will custom design a floor  cloth with a design, colors or dimensions to fit your needs.

We also offer you the option of taking a class with us and creating your own floor cloth. Check our schedule to see if a Floor Cloth Class is being offered in your area or contact us to schedule a class.


Above is a rare example of a piece of a 19th century floor cloth.



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